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Grade 9 Science Research Starters: Overview

Research Starters

Research in Science can be tricky and sometimes a little overwhelming.

Here's some handy hints and tips to help you get started with your research.


Britannica is available if you click on the right links. It is a paid for subscription so you can't just Google search it.


Britannica is an encyclopedia which means it tries to say a bit about everything but can't really cover anything in depth. It's a great place to start if you want back ground information on a topic. It will hopefully give you key words that you can use in other search engines to help you find what you are looking for.

Gale Databases

The Gale Databases are great, easy to search and easy to filter information. It's designed for school students to access so there's less wading through pages of unreadable scientific language. 

There's three different databases for three different purposes but if you want to search all three at once you can do that too.

If you are are logging in from school, it will take you straight to the site. 

If you are logging in from home, you can click on the login with Microsoft link and use your school username and password.