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Remodel of SPH Lippo Village Senior Library

More than Just a Library

In the era we are living now that glorifies the internet, a library is often considered a thing of the past. Upon the mention of a library, one would normally imagine an ill-lit place with endless lines of dusty shelf that houses huge tomes. Don’t be disheartened just yet, for there is plenty to get excited about the two new senior school libraries of Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Village and Sentul City. Both libraries are certainly the unmistakable opposites of the dreary version one would usually imagine.

The senior school libraries of SPH Lippo Village and Sentul City have officially opened with a brand new design for students and teachers to delight in. The remodel of both facilities was carried out in accordance with the vision of SPH to support student’s holistic education, and has been proven to be a delightful surprise for students of both campuses as they enter the new term.

“We envisioned having a warm and welcoming dynamic learning center for students, a place where students could come together with teachers in the broader community, create knowledge, collaborate and learn,” said Mrs. Sheryl S. Taylor, Library Coordinator of Pelita Harapan Education Foundation.

The presence of a school library plays a crucial role in supporting the whole process of teaching and learning. The need for a school library is more pressing today than ever before, especially in this day and age where digital tools govern our day-to-day life. Acquiring all sorts of information has never been easier than today. While this is positive to a certain extent, we’re putting ourselves at risk with the threat of information and digital overload; children and teenagers being the most susceptible to this looming threat.

Aside from providing students with access to books, school libraries play an important part to improve their level of literacy. The habit of reading books will train them to identify trustworthy sources of information and further enhance their critical thinking ability upon receiving as well as processing new information. In addition to that, the library is the ideal place to discover what students are interested in and helps them to cultivate it.

More than just being the bastion of literature, the new school library is a dynamic hub of learning and the ingenious design administers exactly that. For starters, the various learning zones provide students with options aplenty according to their needs; from private group study in the social learning zone to class presentation in the amphitheater area. The spacious area is also blessed with a variety of seats for one to go for, from the couch to high stools, depending on the occasion.

A well-resourced library serves a bigger purpose than just supporting the school’s infrastructure. It’s a blessing that not a lot of schools and students in the country have the opportunity to enjoy it. With that said, let’s pick up a book, choose a comfortable nook, and dive right into the world of knowledge. (Pingkan Palilingan) ***