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Using Office 365 @ LV

Using Office 365

Each student is provided with an Office 365 account including a school e-mail address.  The Office 365 account is also used to access our learning management system, ManageBac, and our library system.

Microsoft Office 365 Login

To access, go to on a web browser.


If asked, choose “Work or School Account”.

After typing in the school e-mail address, the below screen will ask for a password.

Installing Microsoft Office on Your Computer

Office 365 includes Outlook for email, Word, Excel, and many other apps. Students can download and install the Office Apps for free on their own computer.


Many teachers will be using Microsoft Teams.undefined
If you open up Microsoft Teams after you log in, you should be able to find your classes.


Changing Your Password

Students can change the default password in the account settings.  We would like them to set up their own password to make their account secure.