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SPH Lippo Village Grade 6 PYP Exhibition 2022

April 26-27, 2022


Dear SPH-LV community and visitors,

Welcome to our Grade 6 Exhibition!

We are delighted to share the results of eight weeks of intensive inquiry. Exhibition marks the culmination of an IB student's learning journey as they embark on an inquiry of their choosing. Our students were involved in goal setting, researching, conducting interviews, consulting with mentors, reflecting on development of skills and learner profile attributes, and executing meaningful action plans during Exhibition. Congratulations on the impressive effort and results, students!


We would like to give a special thank you to Ibu Sienna, ITC intern, who guided grade 6 in their Exhibition.

Visitors, click on a student name to view their poster and products. When you are finished, you are invited to give feedback on Padlet by following this link: or scanning the QR code below.

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Mr. Eduardo and Ms. Angie

The Grade 6 Team

Our PYP Coordinator

PYP Exhibition is always an exciting moment in the Primary Years Program final year. The worries,  excitement, hardship, hope, and persistence from preparing the Exhibition have finally borne their fruit: resilience. The event has brought up the best of each student in showing what they have learned throughout their PYP journey.

This year's PYP Exhibition showcases the sixth graders' inquiry into various topics under the IB PYP six Transdisciplinary Themes. At the beginning of the Exhibition work, we listened to the students in awe as they told us which direction they wanted to take their inquiry. We marveled at how independent the sixth graders have been in taking charge of their own learning these weeks. They did exercise their curious mind and applied the approaches to learning in the Exhibition process. I would like to congratulate the sixth graders on their accomplishments.

The sixth graders would not be able to reach this milestone without the guidance of their mentors. It was certainly not easy for teacher-mentors to guide the diverse inquiries of the 42 students participating in this year's PYP Exhibition. I would like to express my highest appreciation for all teacher-mentors who have facilitated the sixth graders' learning. I would also like to thank parents for accompanying their children on field trips and for the moral support they have provided.

This year, the onsite Exhibition is open for internal SPH only. If you are part of the SPH family, you are welcome to visit the onsite Exhibition on 26 and 27 April. Asynchronous presentations and informational materials are available on this site for families unable to come in person and for the public to view.

Parents, students, and visitors, I hope you enjoy a taste of SPH Lippo Village's PYP Exhibition 2022.

Ibu Ratna

K-6 Curriculum Coordinator

Our Junior School Principal

Welcome to Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village's Grade 6 Exhibition! I am pleased to share our students' Exhibition journey with our community. Guided by their inquiry, they have delved deeper into who they are, the human body, their culture, nature, art, and technology.

Our God has created within us the innate desire to explore, discover, create, and take action. Through exploration, our students learn more about Him, His creation, and their relationship with Him.

As Principal, I would like to congratulate the Grade 6 students on their Exhibition journey. As a culmination of their learning journey in Junior School, PYP Exhibition celebrates the process and the final product. I encourage the Grade 6 students to continue their investigation beyond the Exhibition as it leads to more questions and a desire for further inquiry. I hope that they will continue to be lifelong learners.

Thank you to our learning community, curriculum coordinator, grade 6 teachers, teacher-mentors, parents, and many others who supported our students through this journey.

Ibu Yuni

Junior School Principal

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