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Images and Art

Why Creative Commons?




Creative Commons exists to give people a way of allowing their work to be shared with others. It is a free, easy-to-use license that anyone can attach to their work to give permission for others to share it under specific conditions.

  • If you want to give permission for others to share or use your work but you would like them to be careful to use it in specific ways then it's a good idea to attach a creative commons license.
  • If you are looking for other people's work that you can use in your own project, then look on Creative Commons platforms.
Remember to give appropriate credit for your the images you use.

For more information on using images in your work: See Getting Started on Images

What do the Symbols Mean?

 This is the Creative Commons symbol. All licenses use this symbol at the start to identify the standard.

BY: this allows the work to be shared but only in the way specified and with attribution given to the creator.

ND or No Derivatives: this means the work can be shared exactly as it has been created without alteration.

SA or Share Alike: this means the work can be shared and derivatives made but only if you share with the same license.

NC or Non-Commercial: this means the work can be shared but not for commercial use.

How do I attach a Creative Commons License?

1. Go to the Creative Commons website


2. Choose a license


3. Copy the code and add it to your website like this:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Alternatively you can download a copy of the icons here and use them like this:

Or just use the lettering without the pictures if you need to like this:


NOTE: if you add icons or lettering you should also include the URL to the explanation of the license in your work like this:

This work is licensed under

Creative Commons Image Sources

There are a growing number of people and organizations attaching creative commons licenses to their images, videos and music.

A great place to start looking is on the Creative Commons website.

Or you could go straight to Wikimedia Commons

Or Flickr is another great place to search

Be careful to use the images as they have been specified by the license attached to them.

You could also try searching the Public Domain websites. These don't usually need any special credit given but it is still a good idea to acknowledge the creator and the source of the image. Learn more about using Public Domain images here.

Public Domain Images, by azylstra

You can also try searching Google Images using the search bar tools.

Once you have done a search and gone to images, click on the tools button.

Then look under usage rights and choose the type of license you will need.

You will still need to check that the image you choose has the required license.