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Referencing: Chicago Manual Style

information on how to cite sources used in your research according to the Chicago Manual of Style

Citing Books and eBooks in Chicago Manual Style

General Format:

  • Notes:  1. Author's First name Last name, Title of Book (Place of Publication: Publisher, Publication Year), page number.

  • Bibliography (in alphabetical order):  Author's Last name, First name. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Publication Year. 

NOTE:  "Electronic sources do not always include page numbers (and some that do include them repaginate according to user-defined text size). For such unpaginated works, it may be appropriate in a note to include a chapter or paragraph number (if available), a section heading, or a descriptive phrase that follows the organizational divisions of the work. In citations especially of shorter electronic works presented as a single, searchable document, such locators may be unnecessary." (CMOS, 14.22)


  • Notes:  
         1. Bruce Comrie, Ultimate Frisbee for the Masses (Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia: SPH Press, 2014), 24.
         2. Fransisgo Kurniawan, Tips for Coaching Soccer, 2nd ed. (Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia: SPH Press, 2017), 67-68.
         3. Kurniwan, Tips for Coaching, 23.  [Shorten reference to just author's last name and a few words from the title when citing a work previously cited but not the one immediately before]  
         4. Comrie, Ultimate Frisbee, 15.
  • Bibliography:  
    Comrie, Bruce. Ultimate Frisbee for the Masses. Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia: SPH Press, 2014.
    Kurniawan, Fransisgo. Tips for Coaching Soccer. 2nd ed. Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia: SPH Press, 2017.

Book with an Editor:

  • Notes:  
    1. Robert D. Marcus and David Burner, eds., America Firsthand: Readings in American History, 3rd ed.
    (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1995), 76. 
  • Bibliography:  
    Marcus, Robert D., and David Burner, eds. America Firsthand: Readings in American History. 3rd ed.
         New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1995. 


  • Notes:  
    1. Diane Fennell, 1001 History Assignments, Updated ed. (Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia: SPH
    Press, 2016),
         2. Michelle Ann Miller, Rebellion and Reform in Indonesia: Jakarta's Security and Autonomy
    Policies in Aceh.
    London: Routledge, 2009), 35, QuestiaSchool.
         3. Anthony Horowitz, Magpie Murders (New York: Harper, 2017), chap. 2, iBooks.
         4. John Taylor, One, Two, Three (Chicago: Sun Press, 2017), loc. 324 of 3202, Kindle.
  • Bibliography:  
    Fennell, Diane. 1001 History Assignments. Updated ed. (Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia: SPH Press, 2016).
    Horowitz, Anthony. Magpie Murders. New York: Harper, 2017. iBooks.
    Miller, Michelle Ann. Rebellion and Reform in Indonesia: Jakarta's Security and Autonomy Policies
         in Aceh. 
    London: Routledge, 2009. QuestiaSchool.
    Taylor, John. One, Two, Three. Chicago: Sun Press, 2017. Kindle.

Reference Book Entry:

  • Notes:   
    1. Tracy Radbone et al., "Safety on Stairs," in Encyclopedia of School Safety, ed. Jason Myers (London: Safety Publications International, 2016), 2: 245.  
    NOTE:  For a source with four to ten authors, list all the names in the bibliography but only the first author's name plus "et al." in the notes. 
  • Bibliography:  
    Radbone, Tracy, Lindsey Vander Ark, Phillip Nash, and Judy Comrie. "Safety on Stairs." In Encyclopedia of
         School Safety
    , edited by Jason Myers, vol. 2: 245-256. London: Safety Publications International, 2016.

Chapter in an Edited Book:

  • Notes:  
    1. Walter O. Foster, “The Immigrant and the American National Idea,” in Divided Society: The Ethnic
    Experience in America
    , ed. Colin Greer (New York: Basic Books, 1974), 67-68. 
  • Bibliography:  
    Foster, Walter O. “The Immigrant and the American National Idea.” In Divided Society: The Ethnic
         Experience in America
    , edited by Colin Greer, 67-82. New York: Basic Books, 1974.