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Referencing: Chicago Manual Style

information on how to cite sources used in your research according to the Chicago Manual of Style

Citing Indirect Sources

Quoting a primary source found within a secondary source.  When possible, view the primary source yourself. 

  • Footnote:  
         1. Marsh Underwood, The Log of a Logger (Portland, OR: Kilham Stationery & Printing Company, 1938), 30,
    quoted in Adam Tomczik, “Lumberjack Work Culture in Maine and Minnesota,” The Historian 70, no. 4 (2008): 710. 
  • Bibliography:  
    Underwood, Marsh. The Log of a Logger. Portland: Kilham Stationery and Printing Company, 1938. Quoted in
         Adam Tomczik, “The Lumberjack Work Culture in Maine and Minnesota.” The Historian 70, no. 4 (2008):