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Referencing: MLA Style

information on how to cite sources used in your research according to MLA Style

Citing Indirect Sources

"Whenever you can, take material from the original source, not a secondhand one. Sometimes, however, only an indirect source is available -- for example, an author's published account of someone's spoken remarks.  If what you quote or paraphrase is itself a quotation, put the abbreviation qtd. in ("quoted in") before the indirect source you cite in your parenthetical reference."  [taken from MLA Handbook. 8th ed., MLA, 2016, p. 124.]

Include the SECONDHAND source in your Works Cited list.

In text citation:  

Hillary Clinton says many of our health-care problems “will only continue to get worse” (qtd. in Fallows).

Works Cited entry:

Fallows, Michael. "A Triumph of Misinformation." The Atlantic, Jan. 1995,