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Grade 6 Exhibition

Exhibition is a student-based culminating project of the Primary Years Programme.

Need help creating a Bibliography?

Try using MyBib to help you

  • Sign up for a free account.
  • Create a project 
  • Save all sources of information in your project.
  • Print out or copy your completed list into your report.

REMEMBER: Referencing generators are just tools. Sometimes they get the information wrong! Check you have collected the right information.

How to Write a Bibliography

What is a bibliography? 

A bibliography is a list of books and other sources (magazines, encyclopedias, internet, etc.) used to gather information for a project or report. 

How to create a bibliography? 

Copy down all the relevant information about the sources used in the research process. 

Arrange the sources in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. 

This list, entitled "Bibliography" should be written on a separate sheet of paper and included at the back of the report.


Book one author:

Author.  Title of Book.  City of Publication: Publisher, year. 

Like this: 

Brinkley, Alan.  The Unfinished Nation.  New York: Knopf, 1993. 

Encyclopedia or other Reference Book: 

Author of Article (if given).  “Article Title.”  Title of Book.  City of Publication: Publisher, year.

Like this:

Lesko, Leonard.  “pyramids.”  The World Book Encyclopedia.  Chicago: World Book Inc., 2001. 

Magazine Article: 

Author.  “Title of Article.”  Title of Magazine.  Date: page(s). 

Like this:

Talcott, Richard.  “Great Comets.”  Astronomy.  May, 2004: 36-41. 

Newspaper Article: 

Author.  “Title of Article.”  Name of Newspaper.  Date, Edition: page(s). 

Like this:

Afrida, Nani.  “Aceh Farmers Rejoice in First Harvest Since Tsunami.”  The Jakarta Post.  Jan. 30, 2006, Vol. 23 No. 271: 3. 


Person Interviews.  Type of Interview (Personal, telephone, e-mail, etc.).  Date.  

Like this:

Faddegon, Gregg.   Personal Interview.  4 January, 2013. 

Or this:

Obama, Barrack.  Interview with Oprah Winfrey.  The Oprah Winfrey Show. CBS.  24 June, 2011. 

Internet Sources: 

Include document title or description, the date(s) you visited the site and its address (URL). 

Like this:

Encyclopedia Mythica.  2004  12May, 2010 

Or this: 

Sherman, Chris.  “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About URL.”  Searchenginewatch.  Editor Danny Sullivan.  24 August 2004.  4 September, 2004

Evaluating Information on a Website

There's lots of skills needed to figure out whether the information on a website is trustworthy or not. Here's a good place to start: