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Grade 6 Exhibition

Exhibition is a student-based culminating project of the Primary Years Programme.

How to Keep a Journal

Students will need to keep a journal of their learning throughout the development of the Exhibition. Students write reflections about the process they go through and their progress, both as a team and individually. They are encouraged to record their reflections creatively. They can use pictures, illustrations, diagrams, and aspects of their research they may collect along the way (e.g., pamphlets, brochures, and articles).

Why keep a journal?

  • To demonstrate the process of learning taking place.
  • To show the development of understanding about the topic.
  • To help students reflect on their performance and the performance of their peers.
  • To encourage students to reflect on themselves as learners.
  • So that others can see the students' learning.

Who is going to see it?

  • Teachers use the journal to monitor progress.
  • Mentors use the journal to help guide the students.
  • Peers look at the journal to give feedback.
  • Parents review the journal to share the learning journey and help keep students accountable.
  • Students use the journal to keep track of their progress.
  • The school community looks at the journal at the Exhibition to learn about the students' display.

What should go in the journal?

  • Journal entries should be completed 1 or 2 times a week.
  • Important details to record include the date and an entry number.
  • Include a description of what happened at the mentor meeting (if there was one).
  • Record goals and objectives for the next step.
  • Record actions or ideas that have been carried out.
  • Include pictures, diagrams, and explanations of progress and action.

What questions help me write a good reflection?

  • What did you think?
  • What didn't you do? What could/should you do differently?
  • What decisions did you make individually? What decisions did you make in a group?
  • What did you decide to change? Why?
  • What problems did you encounter? How did you deal with them? What did that teach you about yourself as a learner?
  • What is the next step?


More Exhibition Journal Topic Ideas   

  1. What do you think about the quality of your exhibition so far? What are the strengths or the areas that can be improved? 
  2. Who are you working well with or not working well with? Why? 
  3. Are you on schedule or falling behind? Why or why not? 
  4. What do you find interesting as you are working on this exhibition? 
  5. What are you learning from working on this exhibition?
  6. What are your favorite parts of the exhibition? 
  7. What are you proud of in your work in this exhibition? 
  8. Discuss how you demonstrate the PYP profiles (I've been an inquirer because ....).
  9. How is your group working together? What are the successes or problems? 
  10. What have you done to help or hinder your group? 
  11. What are you thinking of doing for action? 
  12. What is the most surprising thing you learned about your topic or yourself through the exhibition experience? 
  13. What do you enjoy about creating your own unit of inquiry? What is challenging about it? 
  14. How has the Christian worldview influenced your choice of inquiry, your thinking about your inquiry, your understanding, and your action planning? 
  15. How have others supported you in your exhibition? How does this make you feel?