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Grade 6 Exhibition

Exhibition is a student-based culminating project of the Primary Years Programme.

Field Trips

All Grade 6 students are required to conduct an interview or possibly go on a field trip for the following reasons: 

  • Gain knowledge from experts or experienced people in a related field of a student's topic. 
  • Obtain information from a primary source
  • Determine if they can partner with this person/organization for Action
  • Possibly, get hands-on experience


How to proceed in organizing the trip? 

  1. Discuss interview or field trip possibilities with parents, the mentor, and the classroom teacher. 
  2. Contact the organization to find a date and time that suits them and the students (Students can ask parents or mentors to help them make contact). 
  3. Complete the field trip form and return it to the classroom teacher at least TWO days before the scheduled trip. 
  4. Ensure one parent of the students/student group accompanies them on the field trip. 
  5. Students prepare questions to ask to take along to the field trip. 


*Students may schedule the interview or field trip on a school day or the weekend.