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Grade 6 Exhibition

Exhibition is a student-based culminating project of the Primary Years Programme.

IB Learner Profile


Curious, show independence in learning, able conduct research.


Explore concepts, ideas, & issues with local/global significance. Understanding of many different subjects, topics, and practices.


Thinking about things critically and creatively. Recognize problems and make good decisions.


Understand and express ideas confidently and creatively (in a variety of language and forms – written, spoken, gesture, etc.). Work well with others in groups.


Act with integrity and honesty, Have a strong sense of justice, fairness and respect for all people. Take responsibility for actions.

IB Learner Profile

IB learners strive to be:


Understand and appreciate many different cultures and traditions. Willing to see things from different points of view and learn from new experiences.


Show empathy, compassion and respect for all people and things. Committed to service and willing to make a difference in their world.


Approach new situations or experiences with courage. Show independence in exploring new ideas, roles and strategies. Brave in defending their beliefs.


Understand the importance of physical, intellectual and emotional balance to achieve an overall well-being for others and themselves.


Thoughtfully consider their own learning and experiences, Able to see their own strengths and weakness in order to support further development.